The best outcomes happen when natural medicine is integrated into each person's care.​


Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO

I am a firm believer in helping you help yourself.

My task is to help you understand the pro's and con's of any given treatment so you can make a confident decision. 

Having confidence in doing what you know is best for you is treatment in itself.  

Ultimately, arriving at this "place of knowing" and using your knowledge to direct your treatment is empowering. 

​Of course, along the way, I learn too. (This accumulation of knowledge allows me to better serve the next patient, and the next patient, and the next...)

I am here to help you simplify. 

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

-Seneca quote


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Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO

Modern cancer care is not designed to address each patient's needs.

For example, if someone has cancer that does not respond well to conventional treatments, it is difficult to decide what to do.

You may assume that your medical oncologist is on top of the latest research trials.  

Unfortunately, he/she cannot possibly keep up with all of the clinical trial options for all of their patients.

Mining the clinical trials available, contacting researchers, finding drugs or natural agents that have anti-cancer properties that may be of benefit (i.e., "off-label" uses) ... All of this requires an immense amount of time and focus.

There are only two questions guiding my research and recommendations:

1) How do we help you live as well as possible?

2) How do we help you live as long as possible?  

That's it. Two simple questions. Always kept in focus.

​I do not have any allegiances, alliances or competing interests that sway my recommendations.  I own Round Table Cancer Care, and it is not affiliated with any companies, entities or special interest groups.

Understanding cancer is complicated.         ​

The root of doctor is "docere," which means "teacher" in Latin.

One Patient's Story:

My first encounter with stage 2 breast cancer, twenty years ago, came as a shock. I went through chemo and surgery at the time. I consulted with a naturopath following the grueling  regimen set out by my oncologist. My husband and I realized that allopathic medicine wasn’t going to be enough to keep me healthy so we consulted a naturopath, who treated me for a couple of years. I ate healthy food and tried to live a clean life. But slowly, over time, my diet got worse, and I drank alcohol frequently. In 2006 my husband and I moved to New Zealand, where we created a new life for ourselves. Cancer was only a memory from the past, or so we thought.
Then four years ago, I broke my wrist while gardening. At my husband’s insistence, I had a bone scan. The scan pointed to what might be cancer. After further testing I was diagnosed with metastasis (recurrent stage 4 breast cancer) that had spread throughout my spine, pelvis and hips.
This was devastating. The one ray of hope for us was that a dear friend, whose son is a naturopath suggested that we consult with Dr Tina Kaczor. Wow! What a wonderful gift that referral was! We have consulted with Dr Kaczor via video conference calls for four years now and I have never felt better. We trust her extensive knowledge of oncology and natural medicine.  Moreover, Dr Kaczor focuses on my specific condition and personal circumstances to empower my husband and I to make our own decisions as we continue this journey together. 
When I have had setbacks she has provided the support and information we needed to make it through – reducing my cancer markers, re-building my immune system, and regaining my energy. 
Dr Kaczor is our go-to health professional who we trust to support my continued health and wellbeing. Can’t believe we have been so lucky to find her! 
Constance L., Phd, and Husband John
Welcome Bay, Tauranga, New Zealand

Disclaimer: Dr. Kaczor is a naturopathic physician, licensed in Oregon. All consulted patients must be seeing a medical oncologist. Consultations are intended to educate and suggest possible options for optimizing your outcomes. Recommendations by Dr. Kaczor in no way substitute for the advice of a licensed medical oncologist.  

Whether you are looking at treatment options, going through cancer treatment now, or wanting to reduce your risk of recurrence, integrating natural medicine into your plan is essential for the best possible outcomes.

Integration may mean less side effects during conventional treatments.

Integration may mean better energy, sleep, or mood.

Integration could mean less recurrence risk.

Every person is treated individually.

The best treatment is a tailored treatment, optimizing outcomes specifically for you. 

My task is to help you create the integrative medicine plan that's right for you:

integrating the best of natural and conventional medicines.