If you have consulted with Dr. Kaczor, you should have gotten an email invitation to her dispensary.

That email contains the brand, form and dosage of the supplements she recommends for you. 

You will need to create a new account, which becomes your gateway for all future purchases, and where  Dr. Kaczor will add your personalized suggestions.


Disclosures and fee structure for sale of supplements:

Dr. Kaczor will be notified of your purchases and repurchases.

However, she is not directly a part of any of the transactions.

If you want to add supplements you have previously gotten elsewhere, but Dr. Kaczor has not prescribed, that is fine. (You will still get 25% off.)

This site allows you to simplify your purchases, ensure you stay on track, and help you afford the highest quality supplements.


Proceeds from supplement sales will be donated to the Naturopathic Oncology Foundation (NOF), a 501c3 charitable organization. 

NOF's mission statement: To provide the public with evidence guided and informed knowledge, in naturopathic and integrative treatments relevant in oncology, through access to and awareness of the most recent publications, lectures, research and multimedia.

Dr. Kaczor is the founding chair of NOF and, as stipulated in the bylaws of the organization,

cannot profit or receive any money from NOF. 

Please click here for more information on the Naturopathic Oncology Foundation (NOF).



25% off of retail at all times for patients of Round Table Cancer Care.

Nutritional Supplements are literally supplemental to healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits.

bottle nutritional supplement

Disclaimer: Dr. Kaczor is a naturopathic physician, licensed in Oregon. All consulted patients must be seeing a medical oncologist. Consultations are intended to educate and suggest possible options for optimizing your outcomes. Recommendations by Dr. Kaczor in no way substitute for the advice of a licensed medical oncologist.  

Dr. Kaczor does NOT (and will not) derive any income from supplement sales.