Follow-up visits:

60 minutes: $240 45 minutes: $190 30 minutes: $140 15 minutes: $90

​Cost of services:

Optimize Conventional Cancer Treatments

To ensure you have an efficient use of consultation time, and to ensure all of your particulars are known, please convey the following before your initial consultation.

ND Discount for New Patient Visits only:

New patients that are already working with an ND but would like the specialized recommendations of Dr. Kaczor for their cancer care:    $375.00

Supplements: Dr Kaczor does not derive any profit from the supplements she recommends or makes available to patients. A 25% discount off of retail is applied to all supplement sales for all of Dr. Kaczor's patients for the foreseeable future. (Yes, over time this can more than pay for your consultation costs.) For more information click here.

New patient visit (in-office or online):   $475.00

This is for approximately 90 minutes of consultation. The time for reviewing your records, compiling your recommendations, corresponding with other care givers, speaking with your PCP or any other communication/preparation acts that may be part of optimizing your care  are not billed or tracked. 

Integrate  Educate  Facilitate

Clinical Trial Search and Facilitation 

Disclaimer: Dr. Kaczor is a naturopathic physician, licensed in Oregon. All consulted patients must be seeing a medical oncologist.  Consultations are intended to educate and suggest possible options for optimizing your outcomes. Recommendations by Dr. Kaczor in no way substitute for the advice of a licensed medical oncologist.  

Medical Records for initial consultation:The easiest means is to sign a medical release of records form with your provider(s). 

Pathology report(s) of original biopsy and any ensuing surgeries. You may also have more specific reports on the molecular characteristics of your given cells. Anything that characterizes the cancer may be helpful.

Recent bloodwork. The last three laboratory results are ideal. Naturopathic doctors use some parameters to surmise nutrient status, so even if everything looks within normal limits, please send or bring labs.

Medical records of last few appointments with any/all oncology related visits (medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgical oncologist, physical therapy, geneticist, etc.). This is collaborative care so understanding exactly what treatment is being done is essential.

Your intake forms.  Although cancer is the focus at hand, as a naturopath Dr. Kaczor is seeing you, not your cancer. Therefore, a thorough medical history and understanding of current health challenges is essential to serve you properly. Our office will send you information to set up your patient portal and the intake forms for Dr. Kaczor.

(Optional) Written summary of medical events and dates: An overview of the chronology of events leading to your interest in a consultation. This may be the doctor visits, presenting symptoms, and treatments you've had thus far. This summary can save time during the consultation, but the information can be gleaned from all of the medical records and intake forms as well. So, while it can be helpful, it is not necessary.

Before any formal consultations, Dr. Kaczor takes the necessary time to review current medical records. This time for review is not billed to you, it does, however, explain why there is a fee for not showing up to an appointment or not giving 48 hours notice if you must cancel (fee is not charged if you reschedule).

Research is rapidly evolving to find better treatments than chemotherapy or radiation.  Cutting edge clinical trials use the molecular characteristics of a given cancer, harness the immune system or target vulnerabilities unique only to cancer cells. The most recent thrust in research has been in immune agents that unleash your own immune system to attack and rid your body of the cancerous cells.  So, what is on the horizon? What is most promising? What is in clinical trials today that will likely be approved by the FDA in the next few years?  How do you get ahead of this curve? I've spent years locating the most promising clinical trials for her patients. Scanning available trials, individualizing which ones may work using the inclusion and exclusion criteria of each trial, and researching the available data on any agents being used is sometimes the best means of finding the most effective treatment.  

Round Table Cancer Care is

housed within Portland Natural Health Collective


1221 SE Madison Street

Portland, OR 97214 

(503) 353-6522

All consultations are a dialogue.

The idea of a Round Table is that everyone involved is an equal sitting around a table, discussing what is best for the person's given situation. 

To this table, Dr. Kaczor brings expertise from studying and practicing naturopathic oncology, you bring a lifetime of knowledge and beliefs that are uniquely yours. Your oncologist(s), primary care doctor and loved ones all have opinions based on each one's unique perspective and/or expertise. Ultimately, each patient must weigh pro's and con's and make tough decisions.  I see my role as facilitating this process through education and integration. Thus, the tagline for Round Table Cancer Care:

When you undergo conventional treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, biological agents, or "targeted therapies" there is a list of side effects that can sometimes lead to stopping a treatment that is otherwise effective in killing the cancer cells. Integrative medicine in general, and naturopathic oncology specifically, can help ease side effects while possibly increasing the efficacy of treatment. What measures to take, which natural agents are safe and what the short-term or long-term side effects may be depends on the drug(s) being used, or the area being irradiated.  First things first, any natural agents used during conventional treatments need to be safe and not interfere with the given therapy.  Integrating natural medicine into conventional care is often the most strategic way to knock cancer back quickly.  Unfortunately, it is often not a permanent cure. That said, it is sometimes a necessary treatment in an effort to minimize body burden of cancerous cells or to offer a predictable chance at not having a relapse.

Services Offered

Concierge Service (Only offered to established patients)

$150.00/hr door to door

Dr. Kaczor will go with you to your oncology visit to bring together the best of both worlds and to "cut to the chase" when time is of the essence regarding treatment choices.  Being in the visit to respectfully address any questions regarding the optimal treatments for a given patient is one of Dr. Kaczor's strengths. This is collaboration in its purest form, and perhaps the best use of Dr. Kaczor's unique skill sets.

"Deep Dive" Service (Only offered to established patients)


This "no stone left unturned" consultation is something that patients have requested in the past. Every agent (natural or chemical), every trial, anywhere in the world one can go... this is a no holes barred, minimum of 8 hours research dedicated to one's given situation. Three 45 minute follow-up consultations (=$570.00) are included. Dr. Kaczor will give her opinions regarding the treatments and the most tactical approach. This often includes recommendations for a "cocktail" approach to cancer, using both pharmaceutical and natural agents.

How can Dr. Kaczor help you?

Reducing Risk of Cancer Recurrence/ Maintaining Remission

Finding appropriate clinical trial (only offered to established patients)

$150.00 hourly for research and summary. Typically, this takes 4-6 hours of time to mine the clinical trials, read existing results for experimental agents, look up side effects, read through the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and review preliminary results of anything promising.  A list of available trials, locations, and contacts along with Dr. Kaczor's opinion regarding the benefit/ toxicity is shared in writing. Any help in expediting enrollment is also included.  (Consultation time is not included in the hourly research rate.)

Prevention of cancer or its recurrence is a large part of naturopathic oncology.  I am writing what may be heresy:  if cancer could be prevented 100% of the time, we wouldn't have so much cancer.  That is a difficult fact.  It is with a heavy heart that I say many of my ND friends and colleagues have been diagnosed. These are normal weight, exercising, organic foodies from way back, spiritually fulfilled, etc, etc.  Cancer happens, even to those that do everything right. But, please, don't despair!  That does not mean that you cannot lessen the risk or affect your risk of recurrence.  My analogy is that of riding in a car. We all get in the car, adjust the mirrors and seat if driving, buckle up for safety and look left and right at every corner. We are engaging in risk reduction.  All of these measures, however, do not guarantee we will avoid all accidents or not get hurt.  It is no different with health. We eat right, we sleep well, we exercise, we have our spiritual practices, etc, etc. All of the "right" things we do are risk reduction measures without guarantee.  The car is a good analogy for this in that we take all of those precautions simply because its habit.  Prevention of cancer or its recurrence should also entail good habits put in place.  The goal is to do the right things for yourself not because you are consciously thinking about cancer, but because it's just what you do. Lessening the presence of one's fear of recurrence is part of our goal when addressing prevention.